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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Oh no! My G-Man!

So I was going to blog today about the terrific grilling we've been doing lately.  Last night we had some really nice chicken breasts marinated in lime, tomatillos, garlic and other spices.  We ate that with a simple salad and delicious corn on the cob.  Then tonight, we're planning to do ribeye and shrimp on the grill, accompanied by garlic and herb mashed potatoes and spinach.  I'd tell you much more about these meals, but another event overshadowed my morning.

My car got broken into!

I had taken Lima to the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park.  For you Chicagoans, this is a great museum for young children and it's free on Thursdays.  It's located just down the street from the Lincoln Park Zoo and its moderate size makes it a wonderful stop for really little kids as it's not too overwhelming to them.  Lima and I had a great morning checking out all the exhibits and the Butterfly Haven (where real butterflies fly all around you and the surrounding flowers).  After about 90 minutes, we decided to call it a morning and head home for her nap.  We walked down the street (Cannon Drive for you Chicago folks) and there it was.  My car's passenger window had been completely smashed! 

My car (affectionately called the G-Man for reasons that are too bizarre and lengthy to explain here) might be old, but he's been everywhere and I love him. 

This would totally stink for anyone, but it was a real bummer to have a toddler with me and have it be about 90 degrees and humid outside.  Anyway, glass was everywhere and poor Lima's little cheeks got so red from hanging out in her carseat while I made some calls and tried to figure out our next steps.  I looked all through the car and oddly enough I don't think anything was taken.  So it's kind of bizarre---who breaks into a car and then doesn't take anything?  Were the thieves waved off by someone and had to run or was this just an act of random vandalism?  And why would you pick my car of all cars---an 8-year old city car with no signs of anything worth stealing?  Who knows?

Anyway, can't drive around with a toddler and a totally smashed window so Lima's nap was put on hold and we had to track down an auto glass shop.  Fortunately, we were directed to one that did good work fast and relatively inexpensively.  I'm out $110 now, but the window is fixed and they did the work fast enough so that Lima didn't have a total meltdown before I got her home for her nap.

Isn't that crazy?  What a weird way to spend a morning.  So anyway, huge bummer that it happened and completely disappointing that it did on a major street in broad daylight.  But all things considered we got the whole situation back to normal pretty fast.  Still had to blog about it though.