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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

What's Up With Lima?

It’s been a while since I gave an update on our Lima Bean so I thought it was about time. Lima is 22 months old now and she’s still my constant companion, in the kitchen and pretty much everywhere else. In the past few months she has become amazingly verbal and can say almost anything and carry on very good mini-conversations. It’s been very, very fun to learn what goes on inside her head.

Lima’s also become more and more active. Some of her new tricks include summersaults, crawling like an inchworm, doing a monkey walk, and walking around on her hands while someone holds her feet in the classic wheelbarrow pose. She just learned the wheelbarrow thing today and she’s very pleased with it. She loves drawing and painting and anything having to do with glue…the messier the better.

Lima’s musical taste has evolved in the past few months too. While at home, she likes to hear the theme song from Sesame Street as much as she can. I actually have the Sesame Street CD set on permanent repeat for that song, a sure sign that I will be going insane any day now. She also can be found glued to the tv mesmerized by The Wiggles at least once a day. When we’re in the car, these are the songs Lima wants to listen to:

-Sir Duke by Stevie Wonder
-Mickey by Toni Basil
-Rock Lobster by the B-52s
-Whip It by Devo
-Oh Yoko by John Lennon

Quite a collection, huh? Don’t dare try and slip in a new song because she will not have it. It’s one of these 5 or nothing.

On the food front, Lima still loves going to restaurants. At one of our neighborhood favorites, Lima is a total regular. She walks in like she owns the place, says hi to the people behind the bar and then walks to our usual table. She often brings the waitstaff little things to show them. Recent Lima “gifts” include a large piece of bark, a really big stick, and her Boohbah. At the end of the meal, the waitress always hands Lima the check. We wish she’d start paying, but instead she looks to us for the money and then happily delivers it to the waitress and says “Money! Money!” or “Card! Card!”, depending on whether we paid with cash or credit card.

She’s a big fan of “helping” me any way she can, so if I have my apron on you can be pretty sure Lima has her little pink one on too. She gets a huge thrill from doing anything in what she perceives to be “grown-up” style.

So that’s the latest in Lima’s world. She’ll be 2 in a couple months and I’m starting to think about birthday party ideas. Nothing crazy and over the top, but I’d like to do something special to mark the day. I’ll let you know what we end up doing…

Next time At Our Table: No, this isn’t a total mom blog…I’ll be back with more food talk next time. Whether you like Indian food or you don't, I have an interesting place to tell you about.