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Sunday, July 18, 2004

And the Decadence Continues...

Since my Mom left this morning, life should theoretically be back to the regular routine.  And that routine includes cooking.  We decided to take one more day off though and hit a couple more places for lunch and dinner.  Check out the pizza I had for lunch.  Outrageous pie of goat cheese, artichokes and black olives (my own little creation).    

We had this delicious creation at Robey's Pizza in Roscoe Village.  I love Chicago deep dish and stuffed pizza, but to this East Coast girl real pizza is thin crust.  While I love Chicago and can see myself here for a long time, it does trouble me that Lima is going to grow up thinking that deep dish pizza is regular pizza.  That's just not right.  We'll have to indoctrinate her to the ways of thin crust pizza by frequent visits to the East Coast...or Robey's.  Robey's makes excellent thin crust pizza in their wood fire oven.  So good!
It was a beautiful day so after spending a lot of the afternoon in the park, we decided to head out for Japanese food.  This time we visited Cafe Furaibo in Lakeview.  Cafe Furaibo has only been open a short while and its owner is putting in a lot of effort to get her place off the ground.  Cafe Furaibo serves a well-balanced menu of sushi and other Japanese fare.  Tonight we sampled miso soup, wasabi shumai (steamed wasabi flavored pork dumplings), soft shell crab, and fire drops (deep fried tuna, black tobiko, shiso leaf mayo, masago, avocado, red tobiko, oba, cream cheese and a spicy sauce).  Cafe Furaibo's presentation is often simple, but beautiful.    

The one thing I did cook tonight was some chicken breasts for Lima to eat for dinner this week.  I always find it easier to cook her stuff in batches ahead of time so when toddler hunger strikes, I'm ready.