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Friday, July 23, 2004

Not Homemade But Close

Have you tried Matt's cookies?  In my mind, they're hands down the closest thing you can get to homemade in the cookie aisle at the grocery store.  Sure, bakery cookies and upscale gourmet shop treats might be closer to homemade or even more decadent, but if you're in the grocery store looking for a cookie fix, head straight for the Matt's.

I don't know why I even tried them for the first time.  The packaging is kind of hokey and maybe even makes them look a little cheap.  But one bite and I was hooked.  It started with their awesome peanut butter cookies and now has extended to their chocolate chips.  They have other flavors, but I am trying to show some restraint (at least for now).  At 139 calories (yes, the package says 139...not 140) per cookie, you've got to reign it in a little if you can.  And yes, people from Matt's, I do accept gifts. 

In other food news, I picked up some really delicious watermelon today and am now on a quest for those little personal size watermelons I've been hearing about.  Haven't seen them in my local store yet, but I'm going to try and hit a fruit market soon that I think will have them.

In completely unrelated news, Lima and I went to the pet store today and picked out 4 goldfish.  Carmen, Alfredo, Pippin and Clancy are now happily swimming around their new home and Lima had a great time checking out all the dogs, cats, birds and fish at the pet store.  I'm sure she would have rather come home with a dog than with 4 fish, but the fish are making her happy for now.