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Monday, August 09, 2004

Please Don't Revoke My Chicago Citizenship

OK, I'm taking a chance here by telling you this. I'm not a big fan of bratwurst. There, I said it. In a city famous for all its different kinds of hot dogs and sausages, this is probably an unpopular opinion to express. I've tried brats a few times, but I just can't get into them with the same vigor that so many others do. I know I'm jeopardizing my Chicago citizenship by saying this. Fortunately for us though, Win loves them so maybe I can keep my Chicago citizenship through marriage.

Last time we were in Wisconsin, we passed through Milwaukee long enough to stop in at Usinger's. Usinger's is famous for its high quality sausages of all types. Win immediately became a huge fan of Usinger's and his only disappointment was that we were limited in what we could possibly carry home that day. We bought some cajun brats and some onion brats to take with us. Win cooked up the onion brats when my parents were in town visiting and they agreed that they were excellent. We stored the cajun brats in the freezer until tonight when Win decided to break them out.

Since I'm not a brat fan, I just had some leftover chicken, corn and salad tonight. Good, but nothing exciting. The excitement tonight was on Win's side of the table with his cajun brat. He grilled the brat and served it loaded with sauteed peppers and onions and melted provolone cheese on a toasted roll. He loved it and is already planning another brat night perhaps later this week to polish off the rest of what we bought.

Usinger's is great and they do ship sausage through their web site. If you can't make it to their store in Milwaukee, check them out online. The brat lovers in my life agree it's worth it.