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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Anybody want some watermelon?

Last week my grocery store was having a one day sale on watermelon. $1.99 for a whole melon. Watermelon wasn't on my shopping list when I went to the store, but I couldn't turn down this good deal on such a quintessential summer fruit.

Win thinks watermelon is fine, but he's not a huge fan. The Lima Bean and I love it. With Win's parents coming for a visit, I thought they might enjoy some watermelon too. Turns out, neither of them really like it. So there it sat...the very big melon left to be eaten by me and the very small Lima.

I usually don't buy whole watermelons since there are so few melon eaters in our house. Usually just a small wedge suffices. So I started cutting into this one and as you can see from the photo above, we still have a lot of melon left. The Tupperware container is holding bite-sized pieces for the Lima Bean and the plastic bags are serving as temporary homes for the rest of the melon wedges until they can be sliced up further and enjoyed. It's funny to open our fridge and see at least one large wedge of watermelon per shelf.

This abundance of watermelon encouraged me to check out the web for innovative watermelon recipes. Watermelon.org is full of so many good ideas. I'm thinking about making watermelon lemonade for a kids playgroup I'm hosting on Friday and the fresh mozzarella watermelon salad with purple basil for lunch this week. There are several other interesting watermelon recipes on the site; if you're a watermelon lover this is worth a look.