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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Cleaning Up and Stocking Up

Lest anyone think my life is all nights out at hipster bowling alleys and cocktails with girlfriends at stylish haunts, I thought I'd provide a little snapshot of my Friday night activities. After a casual dinner with Win on our deck (really tasty burgers and a beer), I cleaned up the kitchen and tried to bring some order to the massive pile of mail that seemed to be overwhelming our kitchen table. Made a pitstop in the bedroom to fold some laundry. Then I set about crawling around on my hands and knees with some cleanser, a sponge and paper towels to try and remove all of the greasy little finger and handprints I have at just under the 3 foot high mark in my house. Our little Lima Bean sure gets around, as evidenced by the omnipresent handprints.

Then I decided that I'd be able to pack my diaper bag more efficiently for outings if I had some toddler snacks already measured out into little single serving or day-long travel sized bags. So I pulled out the Veggie Booty and Honey Wheat Pretzel Sticks from Trader Joe's and the old-faithful Premium Saltines and divvied them up into smaller portion bags. I also have a few little containers of fresh fruit and vegetables pre-sliced in the fridge too. Check out the photo above; with a stash like that Lima is well-stocked for wherever our travels take us in the next few weeks.

And it's a good thing: I think there's a trip to a pumpkin patch in our near future. Lima saw some pumpkins on display in the parking lot of our grocery store this morning and got so excited about them. This little city kid should get to see pumpkins in their natural habitat; not only in a grocery store parking lot.

Oh, I've selected a couple dishes to cook from Foods Of Italy. I'll be gathering the ingredients this weekend and getting the cooking started probably Sunday...recipes to come.