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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Breakfast at Wishbone

Today we had breakfast at Wishbone.  We've heard good things about Wishbone's food and family friendly atmosphere, but hadn't yet tried it.  We were glad we did.

Wishbone bills itself as "Southern Reconstruction Cooking."  We sampled the breakfast menu and thought it had a nice mix of options.  Eggs, pancakes, french toast, cereals, fresh fruit and all the standards you'd expect for breakfast.  Things get interesting when you dive into their special breakfasts though.  There you're looking at things like shrimp and grits, crawfish cakes, and blackened catfish.  Win and I both ordered off the special breakfast section of the menu.  I had Red Eggs (two scrambled eggs on corn tortillas covered with black beans, cheese, chili ancho sauce, sour cream and salsa) and a delicious biscuit.  Win went for the Andouille Hash (sauteed andouille chicken sausage, potato, peppers and onions served with two eggs and a corn muffin).  Both were delicious and featured well-balanced flavors.  Wishbone's service was very fast and attentive, the portions sizable, and the prices reasonable.  

There are 2 Wishbone locations in Chicago.  The original Wishbone is located in the West Loop just about a block away from Harpo Studios where The Oprah Winfrey Show is taped.  The second Wishbone is on Lincoln Avenue close to Lakeview and Roscoe Village. 

Definitely worth a trip for breakfast, especially if you like Southern food.  We'll let you know how lunch and dinner go at Wishbone whenever we get around to trying them.