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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dinner at Schuba's Harmony Grill and Ice Cream Sodas

Last night was such a gorgeous night we decided to go out for dinner somewhere with a patio where we could enjoy the early evening air and peoplewatch. We picked Schuba's Harmony Grill in Lakeview. I've been to Schuba's several times with friends and family, but for some reason Win's never been with me when I've gone. So he was eager to try it.

We sat outside on their cute little flower-box rimmed patio and had a very basic dinner. Win got their buffalo chicken sandwich and I ordered a chicken and black bean quesadilla. The quesadilla, pictured above, was very high quality and stuffed with delicious roasted chicken, chihuahua cheese, and warm black beans. Many places just toss tiny bits of chicken into their quesadillas, but Schuba's fills theirs with the tasty meat. Everything I've seen from the Schuba's kitchen has been excellent and in addition to the quesadillas I'd recommend their mac and cheese, their salads, their pulled pork sandwich, their chili, and almost anything on their brunch menu.

Dinner was really good and then we enjoyed a leisurely stroll home afterwards. Instead of riding in her stroller, Lima decided it would be fun to walk behind it and push it herself. I have to give her little legs credit...it was a long haul and she did it. Since she seems to suddenly love pushing her stroller so much, it might be time I buy her one of those little toy ones to push dolls in. I think she'd like it.

Later in the evening, a lightbulb went off in my head. We have ice cream in the house! Really good, vanilla bean ice cream. Time for an ice cream soda! Win and I became as excited as little kids over this idea and greedily scooped some of the delicious ice cream into a tall glass and then doused it with Coke. Ahhh...so, so good.