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Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Lima's Best Gift Ever

You might remember that I mentioned that last week Win's sister, her husband and their son came for a visit. While they were here, we also had the pleasure of Win's Aunt Judy coming in to town. She happened to be in Chicago for a totally unelated reason and it was great that she got to see so many of her family members in one shot.

Judy came to our house for dinner one night and she brought our Lima Bean and my nephew the cutest little children's aprons and cooking utensils. My nephew's apron is a masculine red with trucks on it and as you can see from the photo above, Lima's is girly pink with cupcakes and other sweets adorning it. Each apron had a mini whisk, spatula, rolling pin and wooden spoon tucked into the front pocket.

Lima squealed with delight over this gift and sat on the floor pretending to stir things in a little green plastic bowl for about an hour. She also happily marched around the kitchen with her wooden spoon clenched in her teeth, smiling broadly.

I honestly have never seen her this happy. This was her best present to date. So is our little Lima on her way to being a domestic goddess? Watch out, Nigella.