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Thursday, November 11, 2004

This Is How to Start a Day: Jazz Brunch at The Court of The Two Sisters

You would think that after all the delicious meals we'd been having in New Orleans I couldn't possibly eat any more. But then you'd be wrong. After a good night's sleep, we awoke to a beautiful Southern morning with breakfast on our minds. Win chatted with the concierge to get his best ideas for where to go and the concierge's strong recommendation for the Jazz Brunch at The Court of The Two Sisters won us over.

The Court of The Two Sisters is an old New Orleans favorite with a gorgeous courtyard. Given the beauty of the courtyard and the nice weather, we obviously opted to sit outside. A jazz trio played softly off to the side, iced teas were delivered and we sat back in our chairs savoring this little piece of heaven.

But we didn't sit for long. The buffet awaited us inside! The Court of The Two Sisters puts out a vast array of breakfast and lunch foods. There was an omelet station for those who were interested in creating their own omelet, aided by a chef. Turtle soup, grits, biscuits, cornbread, and various breakfast meats were available. One large table was full of fresh fruit, all sorts of salads, pastas (hot and cold), and loads of different cheeses. In short, there was a very nice balance of hot and cold dishes, breakfast and lunch offerings, and fare for both those looking for hearty and lighter meals.

My favorite part of the brunch was the dessert table. Normally I wouldn't say that, but in this case it was true. You may have noticed in my postings about our other meals in New Orleans that I frequently mention that we were too full for dessert. So for a couple days I had been eyeing all the New Orleans classics---Bananas Foster, pecan pie, praline desserts, etc---but was too full to actually try them. In this brunch buffet setting, I was so excited to be able to try a tiny piece or small portion of every New Orleans classic that I had missed so far. The Bananas Foster was outrageous and such a treat, since that's not something you see on menus everywhere. The pecan pie was good, but to be honest I have had better elsewhere. So just a tiny bite of that one sufficed. They had some traditional King Cake out and it was delicious, so I indulged in that as well. Having the opportunity to sample all these treats was a lot of fun but the Bananas Foster was the clear winner of the group. Makes me want to caramelize bananas every day at home!

So our experience at The Court of The Two Sisters Jazz Brunch was a really lovely one. Good food, beautiful atmosphere and helpful, efficient service. Was it the best brunch I've ever been to? No. Others around the country certainly are more elaborate and have more exotic offerings. But it was quite good and I'm really pleased we experienced this New Orleans classic.

The Court of the Two Sisters
613 Royal Street
New Orleans, LA
Telephone: 504-522-7261

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