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Monday, November 01, 2004

I'm Back...Happy, Rested and Stuffed

I'm back from my break. As I mentioned before taking a little blogging hiatus, my parents came in to town last week and it was great to spend some time hanging out with them and seeing how much they love playing with Lima. Our little Lima Bean is 18 months old now and becoming more and more of a character every day. She loved seeing her Grandma and Grandpa and she learned so many new words, games and tricks from them in the past few days.

In addition to being pleasant and fun company, my parents also did us a big favor through their visit. They watched Lima for a few days while Win and I went off to New Orleans to celebrate our 5th anniversary. New Orleans is one of the few cities that both Win and I had wanted to visit, yet neither one of us had been to yet. So it seemed like a perfect place to go to celebrate our special occassion.

In a nutshell: We loved our trip. The city is gorgeous and lively and the food is amazing. We ate our way all over town and I'll be posting the details on all those meals in the days ahead. Thanks for sticking with me through my hiatus; I'm looking forward to telling you about the outstanding food we ate and beautiful sights we saw in New Orleans!