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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Fancy Pot for a Sicky Meal

Wondering where I've been for the past few days? I wish I could say I took an exotic vacation somewhere and that's why I haven't been posting. But unfortunately my blog absence stems from much more boring reasons. Our family got hit HARD by a stomach virus this weekend. Our Lima Bean got sick late Saturday night and spent all of Saturday night and much of Sunday not feeling well. Win and I thought we had escaped it until it hit us both on Monday night. Horrible, nasty stomach bug. Now, we've been sick before but what made this time especially bad was that it was our first "whole family" sickness. In the past, maybe one or two of us caught a cold and had to deal with that for a few days---not really a big deal. But this time, it was a really awful virus and it got us all. Not fun trying to take care of a toddler when you feel that sick. Oh well, with kids being such experts at germ acquisition, I'd imagine this isn't the last time stuff like this will happen. I'll hope days like these are few and far between; for now, we're just happy to be feeling better again.

On Tuesday night, when I finally thought I could eat something, I broke out the Ramen noodles. Seemed to be about the only thing I could handle at the time. My in-laws gave us this dandy blue Le Creuset pot for Christmas and the Ramen was the first thing we made in it.

Sorry my fair little Le Creuset, you deserved something so much fancier for your maiden voyage. But thanks for serving us well with the Ramen.

OK, so now you know I'm still here and I will post more substantive entries in the next few days. This sickness disappointed me on the blog front too because we just ate at a great place in downtown Chicago that I want to tell you about and we're cooking some neat new things here at home. All that to come in the days ahead when I have more time and can do those entries justice. It's no fun to write about food when the thought of it makes you sick!