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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Lima Cheers!

Our Lima Bean just turned 21 months old. It’s been a few weeks since I did a Lima update, so I wanted to share a quick story about one of her latest developments.

Several months ago, we taught Lima how to clink glasses and say “cheers” when we were out at restaurants. She caught on to it immediately and loved to see our happy reaction every time she extended her sippy cup towards us. So toasting became a very common occurrence at our meals out, with Lima “cheersing” every glass of water, Coke, tea, wine or beer that happened by.

Lately, Lima has taken her cheers routine one step further. She’s now adapted the cheers concept to the world beyond beverages. Whenever she and someone else are wearing the same thing or behaving in the same or similar way, she now feels the need to declare a cheers. So for example, when I put on my apron to cook, she runs into her room, grabs her apron and has me put it on her. Once it’s on her, she says “Apron Cheers!” and then she bangs her little apron-clad tummy against mine. If I get out a broom to sweep the kitchen floor, she grabs her mini-Swiffer duster and yells “Duster Cheers!”. Then she taps her duster against my broom and gets to work “dusting.” When she puts on her undershirt in the morning, she takes great pride in declaring “Undershirt Cheers!” and hunting down Win so that the two of them can bang stomachs, like a clinking of the glasses in a traditional toast. If she catches you in the bathroom brushing your teeth, she’ll want to whip out her tiny toothbrush and brush too, but only after issuing a “Toothbrush Cheers!” and clinking brushes with you, of course.

So pretty much anytime you are doing or wearing something similar to Lima, you get a cheers. It’s really quite festive and I must say that I like the happy little ritual she’s developed for us. It makes all of the everyday chores and obligations much sweeter.

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