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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Big Burgers, Small Snowmen, and The Dish

A few days have gone by between posts because my parents were in town for a visit. It was wonderful to see them and they of course love to see the Lima Bean. In addition to being fun to have around, they always thrill us by offering Win and I the chance to go out and take advantage of their free babysitting services when they are in town.

So on an afternoon outing, sans Lima, Win ordered the hamburger above at The Cheesecake Factory. It's two patties topped with bacon, cheese, barbeque sauce and onion rings. When the burger arrived, the people next to us actually asked if ordering this monster was part of a bet or something. It wasn't; I think it was just a sign of Win being happy to have a free afternoon on the town. Since the burger is bigger than our first apartment was, Win made a small, but reasonable dent in it and the rest remains in our fridge awaiting round two.

While we were out, my parents made a tiny snowman with Lima. I guess they decided that it should be scaled down to match her 21-month old frame or something. Check out the diminutive little fellow below. It cracked me up to find this waiting on our sidewalk.

Due to being a bit off schedule with my parents' visit, I've been terribly remiss in welcoming some new readers from Chicago Magazine's Dish column. At Our Table was mentioned in the January 20 edition of Dish and since then I've gotten lots of new readers checking out the site. Welcome to any new readers and please feel free to sign up for e-mail alerts on new posts by joining my update list. Simply provide your e-mail in the Notify List box on the lefthand side of the page and I'll send you an alert every time At Our Table is updated.

Thanks to Chicago Magazine's Dish for the mention. Dish is a fun, interesting and informative guide to goings on in Chicago's food scene. It's a free weekly e-newsletter that's worth checking out if you are not already subscribed. For this week's column, click here and see subscription information at the bottom.

So now I'm back and will have some more posts soon. Stay tuned for a great pasta recipe with a French flair, a review of another wonderful neighborhood Italian restaurant, and a recap of my night at a chocolate buffet. All coming soon!