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Monday, April 04, 2005

Will Linda Blog Again?...and other odds 'n ends

You know you've been away from your blog for too long when it's a struggle to remember some of the html code you need and a few of your passwords have become hazy. Thanks for sticking with me while I took an uncharacteristically long time away from the blog in the past couple weeks. I had a cold and chose rest over blogging for a few days, then I had a nice trip to visit with my family and put blogging aside to spend time with them. But now I'm back and with any luck we'll get back to a more regular posting schedule.

Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails in the past couple weeks. It's always great to hear from readers and I appreciate your notes.

So here's a quick Easter recap: We had a great time with my parents and I just love my Mom for making us the Easter Bunny Cake pictured above. She made this because she thought our Lima Bean would get a kick out of it, and she certainly did. My Mom made this cake once before, probably in the late 70s or early 80s, for my brother Mike and me when we were little kids. The minute Mike and I saw the cake, we got totally nostalgic and happy Easter memories of egg hunts and Easter bunnies came rushing back to us. It's a simple cake and can be done with any flavor combinations you'd like. This time, my Mom made a cinnamon swirl cake and topped with vanilla icing. Decorate with candy and colored, shredded coconut and you're ready to go. Ahhh, the Easter Bunny Cake continues to bring joy to the next generation.

Lima is big on "helping" now so I'm always giving her little jobs to do around the house. Often, her "help" causes me more work and clean-up, but she's cute and very well-meaning. During our Easter visit, Lima wanted to help set the table. Here's how she set the table, with no guidance from anyone:

So we added some forks and knives and off we went. Easter wouldn't be Easter without some egg painting, and we did that too. Lima loved hunting for the eggs on Easter morning. She'd find an egg, put it in her basket and yell "There one is!" Then she'd rehide that same egg herself and look for it again, greatly extending the Easter egg hunt's length.

Besides an Easter wrap-up, I wanted to let people know that Juliette Rossant of Super Chef Blog is running a poll for White House Woman Chef. A couple months ago, Juliette ran a fun poll soliciting ideas for White House Guest Chefs. This time around, she's looking for your input on females to serve as White House Executive Chef. Click here to see Juliette's poll and offer your vote.

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