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Sunday, July 25, 2004

Dining Al Fresco in Lincoln Park

Another gorgeous day in Chicago.  After a few miserable, humid days last week we are getting very lucky with some beautiful, mild weather.  Perfect weather for a little walking around, so Win had the idea to hit Lincoln Park today.  We spent a little while walking up and down Armitage and windowshopping.  An added benefit (and surprise) to us was that there was a massive pet adoption effort going on today and the street was lined with dogs and cats up for adoption.  Many of the stores were also hosting some adoptable pets inside.  Lima loved the constant stream of dogs to pet and that really helped to keep her entertained along the walk.  She also loved carrying the new pink plaid purse I got her for $1 at Paper Boy the other day.  I know I'm totally biased, but I must say she looked awfully cute swinging that little purse around.

After a while of walking, we decided to stop in at Tilli's for an early dinner.  Tilli's is a popular nightspot for cocktails and oddly enough it also has a good reputation around town as being very hospitable to children.  Unique combination.  Tilli's has great patio seating and a spaceous dining room that opens to the outside.  The menu is basic but there should be something on there to suit almost any taste.  Win had the Chicken Milanese Wrap with homemade potato chips and I had the Portabello Panini with a side salad.  Both were good and most importantly the atmosphere---beautiful sunny day, fresh air, relaxed setting---made us feel like we were on vacation.  That's a nice way to feel on a Sunday afternoon in your own city. 

I will say our waiter, while friendly, was rather slow and hard to track down plus I never was offered a refill on my iced tea.  So service left a little to be desired, but nothing so bad that we'd avoid returning.  The food was good, if basic, and it was nice to dine al fresco in such a fun part of town.  Then on the way home one of the pet adoption people gave Lima a yellow balloon and her day was officially made.

So, I did a lot of eating out again this weekend.  What's next on the cooking agenda?  I just got my first food processor and I'm dying to try it out.  So I have been scouring cookbooks and magazines for recipes that require a food processor.  I know that's bizarre, but I'm excited about my new machine.  So some food processing is coming and I'm thinking of making Tortilla Espanola this week.  I haven't made that in a really long time and I have a sudden craving.  Stay tuned.