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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Surprise! It's a Wine Grab Bag!

Guess what's in this big box? Do you give up? OK, I'll tell you...It's wine!

Last week Win and I thought it would be fun to order something called The Wine Grab Bag from Grateful Palate. It's an easy concept: For $29.95 you get 6 bottles of wine, selected by the staff at Grateful Palate. On their web site, they tempted us with the promise that "some shockingly amazingly high quality wines seem to find their way into our Grab Bags." We love wine, we like surprises, and for about $5 per bottle we figured it was definitely worth a shot.

As promised, Grateful Palate sent us 6 bottles. We were surprised, but not disappointed, to see that all six were Australian. Despite all sharing the same country of origin, they were pretty varied. The box included:

1. A 1999 Summerfield Cabernet Sauvignon
2. A Size 1 Trevor Jones Barossa Valley Red Cebo (rose wine)
3. A 2002 LillyPilly Red Velvet (red table wine)
4. A 1999 Summerfield Shiraz
5. A 2000 Summerfield Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
6. A 2003 LillyPilly Tramillon (a medium dry white wine that won an award at the Sydney International Wine Competition)

We haven't had the chance to try any of the bottles yet, but we can't wait to and I'll be sure to share the results of our tastings. Some preliminary investigation shows great reviews for all three winemakers and some interesting accolades for a few of the bottles we received. Cheers!