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Sunday, February 06, 2005

1000 Recipes Hits Chicago

I'm pleased to report that I'm the proud holder of Book 11 in the 1000 Recipes series! It landed At Our Table a few days ago and I'm busily at work adding my contribution to this project.

1000 Recipes is the brainstorm of Santos, who also writes The Scent of Green Bananas and other blogs. Click here to read more about her inspiration for this project and to find out how to participate. It's a lovely idea; people from around the world sharing recipes in these journals and passing them on.

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! I'll soon send the book off to Coco in San Francisco and then it's on to Alice of Temple City, CA, Hana from the kitchen crusader in Greenboro AL, Barbara from San Venanza, Italy, Melanie of Forest Hills, NY, Patrick from pdbd.com in Oakland, CA, Joanne of Wellington NZ, Laura from Malden, MA, Valerie from Flying Fur in Middletown, NJ, Pat from Quakertown, NJ and finally Keiko in Suffolk, England.

#11 coming to San Francisco soon, Coco!

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