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Sunday, December 12, 2004

1st Annual Food Blog Awards

Kate at Accidental Hedonist has announced nominations for the 1st Annual Food Blog Awards. Nominations are being accepted now through December 19 in the following categories:
Best Overall Food Blog
Best New Blog
Best Group Blog
Best Post
Best Non-Blogging Food Site
Best Site Design
Best Food Blog - Writing
Best Food Blog - Recipes
Best Food Blog - Humor
Best Food Blog - Wine
Best Food Site - Chef
Best Food Blog - City
Best Food Blog - Theme
Best Food Blog - Food Industry
Best Food Blog - Restaurant Reviews

Being a relatively new kid on the block, "At Our Table" is only eligible for the best new blog category. Too bad there's no category for "Best Blog by a Woman Who Has to Use Her Food Processor in the Upstairs Bathroom to Avoid Waking Her Baby Daughter." I'd be sure to sweep that one.

There are some great sites out there, so check out this post on Accidental Hedonist to nominate your favorite foodies.